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Guild Wars 2 races - Sylvari

The Sylvari

In Guild Wars 2, the Sylvari is a race of creatures that come from the Pale Tree out of Arbor Bay. They have learned what they know through the Dream in their before-life stage. It is an interesting kind of character for anyone to play as especially considering how the race has not been available for as long as the others in this game.

A player who uses the Sylvari will have to create their characters with a series of basic questions in mind. These include the kind of quest that the Sylvari had dreamed of, the most valuable teaching from Ventari and the cycle in the day that the character was created in. The player will then start at the Dreamer’s Terrace in the Grove. This is the main home base for the Sylvari.

While the Sylvari look human, they are plant-based creatures. They are omnivores that are smaller than human characters.

The Sylvari all follow the Dream. This is the belief that knows all about the past, present and future. It is found in the Pale Tree. It is considered to be a symbol of hope. However, there is also a negative counterpart to the Dream in the Nightmare.

One of the best strengths of the Sylvari is that they are capable of healing themselves better than other races. This is needed for cases where heavy combat is involved. They can also be healed through sunlight. They may not be impacted by animal diseases either.

Guild Wars 2 Races - Sylvari

Screen Shot – Sylvari

However, the Sylvari can be prone to plant diseases. Also, they are more likely to suffer from damages from fire attacks than they are from other kinds of attacks. A player must be careful when using the Sylvari in situations where fire is present.

The Sylvari is a part of Guild Wars 2 that is interesting to see. The race is plant-based but it has its own ambitions.

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